What is the Difference Between a Doctor and a Direct Primary Care Physician?

Your health is something to stay on top of and you should have a physician that’s committed as you are to your well being. This is where direct primary care physicians come in. Direct primary care differs from traditional health insurance and even offers benefits that it does not. If you are looking for a doctor that is committed to you1, gives you their time and deeply cares than a direct primary care physician may be right for you.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary care expands access and functionality of the healthcare system by offering a flat affordable membership fee and no third party billing is involved. What makes direct primary care different is the trusting relationship that is formed between primary care provider and patient. 


Not only is this a great option for the patient, but direct primary care is encouraged by policy makers. For as low as $70 a month patients have access to excellent physicians. Once patients have chosen a primary care doctor, that doctor is accountable first to their patients before any outside ones. Direct primary care is great for doctors and patients alike as it allows access to excellent healthcare and a strong bond to form between doctor and patient. 


This DIFFERS from having typical health insurance. As many people have become frustrated with the long waits and short appointments, direct primary care is a whole other entity. Direct primary care doctors will not accept health insurance or work with third party payers. The monthly fees that patients pay allow them unlimited access to their doctor.

What are the pros of direct primary care?

Direct primary care differs so drastically from the traditional healthcare system and offers additional benefits. Keep reading to find out how direct primary care could benefit you and your family.

Cost control: With primary care you will know exactly how much healthcare will cost. A monthly fee makes this simple, affordable and can help you save money. Patients pay their physician directly which cuts out third parties and service billing which is where costs inflate. On site tests will be performed with no extra costs and off site procedures will have a discounted rate.

Better health outcomes: Patients are able to access doctors more quickly. This can include same day visits, 24/7 access to someone in your physicians practice via telehealth, voice call, and sms text. There are also superior health outcomes with direct primary care delivery service. 

Better Patient Experience: Patients will receive reduced wait time and longer appointments with their doctor. Not only will this allow the patient to not feel rushed during appointments but it will foster the important relationship between patient and provider. Direct primary care gives patients a more relaxed and streamlined healthcare experience.

Who is Direct Primary Care best benefit?

Direct family care can benefit everyone, but will primarily benefit young middle income families. Direct primary care is not the best for the elderly as they may need more care outside of their primary care physician which can rack up costly charges. Rural areas especially benefit from a direct primary care physician due to shortages.

Additionally, direct primary care is best for healthy patients who generally only need yearly check ups or other short-term health issues. Patients who will need extensive care outside of their primary care physician are not a good fit. It can be more expensive for the patient due to charges incurred from other medical or health facilities.

Direct Family Care of NCO is here to help you!

If direct primary care is something you’ve been considering, we’d love to talk to you more about it and answer any questions you may have. Your health is important and so are you. Give us a call today and we’d love to talk to you more about our practice and what direct primary care would look like for you and your family. We look forward to speaking with you!